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Learning Network NZ works alongside some of the best local and international publishers to offer you the very latest resources at great prices. Under this category you'll find a fabulous selection of NEW RELEASES on all manner of topics, educational and otherwise - and we are constantly updating our stock so keep checking back!!
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How to Lead a Quest - A Guidebook for Pioneering Leaders

Dr Jason Fox

Unlock progress through doubt and uncertainty The biggest threat facing modern business is the sheer complexity of an uncertain future. That, and the fact that everyone...

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Maverick Teachers : How Innovative Educators are Saving Public Schools

A J Juliani/David Baugh

Despite dwindling resources and high-stakes testing, public school teachers all over the country are managing to breathe life, passion, and excitement into their...

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Measuring Human Return - Understand and Assess What Really Matters for Deeper Learning

Joanne McEachen/Matthew Kane

Getting at the heart of what matters for students is key to deeper learning that connects with their lives, but what good is knowing what matters without also...

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Mental health education and hauora: Teaching interpersonal skills, resilience, and wellbeing

Katie Fitzpatrick. Kat Wells. Melinda Webber. Gillian Tasker. Rachel Riedel

This book is an excellent resource for teachers wanting to teach about resilience, mental health, interpersonal skills, and wellbeing. It does not, however, address...

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Play Like a Pirate - Engage Students with Toys, Games & Comics again

Quinn Rollins

Serious learning can be seriously FUN!

For some, school feels like a chore: boring, monotonous, necessary.

But what if school were fun -...

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Powering Up Children - The Learning Approach to Primary Teaching

Guy Claxton/Becky Carlzon

                      Not available until feb 2019...

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Powering Up Students - The Learning Approach to Secondary Teaching

Guy Claxton/Graham Powell


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Project Based Teaching - How to create Rigorous and Engaging Learning Experiences

Suzie Boss/John Larmer

It's no secret that in today's complex world, students face unparalleled demands as they prepare for college, careers, and active citizenship. However, those...

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Relational Leadership in Education

David L Giles

When is leadership not relational?
When is education not relational?
When is life not relational?

Relationships always matter to our living,...

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Rest - Why You Get More Done When You Work Less

Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Ten proven methods for resting that will radically improve your life

'An incredibly timely read for my own increasingly rest-starved life. This might...

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Shattering the Perfect Teacher Myth - 6 Truths That Will Help you THRIVE as an Educator

Aaron Hogan

Perfect teachers are like unicorns: a myth! 

The idyllic myth of the perfect teacher--the one who has it all together and breezes through the school...

   Price: $46.00